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Giving Back

Awareness and education can make for powerful change


Equestrio is proud to support The Brooke International Animal Welfare Organization in its efforts to raise awareness and improve the livelihood of working horses, donkeys and mules in the poorest parts of the world.  As part of our initiative to support a specific project we’ve chosen to raise funds specifically for equine fairs in India.


As a magazine covering equine stories from around the world, a partnership to support the Brooke’s efforts was a natural choice.


At these equine trading fairs, held throughout India, as many as 20,000 equines are bought and sold. The fairs attract thousands of people for up to ten days at a time. The horses and people have often travelled for hundreds of miles over many days, and conditions travelling to the fair are tough – horses, donkeys and mules being crammed into trucks. Once they arrive, crowded conditions, inadequate food and shade, and scarce, often contaminated water mean the equines face a range of risks to their health and welfare. Many equines are fearful and distressed. The Brooke wants to get teams of vets to 63 fairs across India, to provide basic veterinary care and facilities for up to 200,000 animals, and training and skills to help their owners prevent problems in the future.


Throughout the year Equestrio will endeavor to raise funds for this cause through various initiatives.


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