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5 questions to Abdelkebir Ouaddar



Discipline : Jumping

Nation : Morocco

Date of birth : 15/07/1962

Something you’d really like to do if you had enough time?

I have all the time I need to get what I want

What is there about you that isn’t that simple?

I don’t like to improvise or decide last minute

Your favorite expression?

Smiling! (Laughs)
More seriously… ‘seize the opportunity when the occasion arises’

What is for you a source of inspiration?

I get my inspiration from people, in particular from Marcel Rozier who inspires me a lot from his riding career and all he has accomplished

What would you never do again?

Raise my stick on a horse because they are a part of my life and they give so much that I love to have an emotional bond with them


©Jessica Rodrigues and Stefano Grasso