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Fashion Form Meets Function with GUIBERT Paris


New York and Paris have enjoyed a long love affair.  The chic urban mecca in the US with all its edges meets the curvy romantic classicism of France.  The world of saddle maker GUIBERT Paris and GINETTE NY, contemporary jewelry brand, unite for the 4th season to share this cross-Atlantic passion.  The resulting accessories collection is at home in any city, with one foot in modern and one in tradition.  The zebra stripe is a decorative theme which morphs from hand bags to saddle and riding crop with special scarves and dresses in fine fabrics.  The equestrian aesthetic is revisited with the distinct eye of Frédérique Dessemond of GIHETTE NY while being made in France.

In the beginning there was the horse.  Guibert – saddler in Paris was founded in 1999 by Pierre Guibert, a passionate rider who comes from a long line of horsemen.  The combination of quality natural materials with both pleasing design and ultimate function creates the success of the equestrian line.

Craftsmanship and fine leather are the order of the day for the Collection Guibert Paris: riding boots, belts, and bags in fine Barénia leather.  One French tannery in the world controls the manufacture of the Barénia leather which is a closely guarded secret.  A long and meticulous process creates the natural and luxurious finish.

There is also a line of leather cured with vegetable tannins made from tree bark, leaves and water.  Tanned in twelve months, the time allows the leather fibers to tighten slowly without breaking, maintaining their flexibility.

Good things come to those who wait.  But then again immediate gratification is also fun.