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From Colombia With Love – Three Families Join Forces to Create The Perfect Horse Treat


Everything delicious has a story. In the case of Pony Up Treats it is a story of three Colombian families who loved horses and their native treat called “Panela,” the perfect combination of caramel sweetness and crunchiness that would put an American peppermint to shame. Just as we are drawn to artisanal products be it a fine craft micro-brew beer or special organic goat cheese, we would want the same for our horses.

From Colombia with love, Pony Treats are hand crafted, 100% natural sweet and tasty treats produced on an eco-friendly and self-sustainable farm in the mountains of Villeta.

CEO Manuel Restrepo states, “We are a company of three friends that share the same passion and love for horses.  Polo, horse racing and show jumping are the three disciplines our families have been involved with for generations and today, we are happy to say that we are still doing so.  For many years, we have all rewarded our horses with this delicious treat that led us to discover and understand the true benefits behind it.  Being the three big fans of natural and healthy food and knowing that horsemen want the very best for their horses, we knew we had a huge opportunity if we developed a 100% natural and healthy bite size treat.”

Over 50 families take part in the process with a commitment to small scale agriculture and the environment by being self-sustaining and recycling and reusing the raw materials. Nothing goes to waste – some become a source of combustion, organic fertilizer, or healthy food for the farm animals. Aside from containing vitamins and minerals, Pony UP Treats are known to help stimulate salivation, crucial for avoiding mouth dryness and can even help heal mouth wounds according to their veterinarian testimonials.

And if you doubt it’s all natural – go ahead and take a taste yourself. But beware you might find yourself dreaming in Spanish.