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Horse Power – MAYBACH Moves From Luxury Sedans to Saddles


Over one hundred years ago, Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl Maybach laid the cornerstone for a high-end automobile brand which straight away became a legend. Today the Mercedes-Maybach S series are some of the most sought after luxury cars.

The German brand MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY has in the past few years established itself in the saddlery field with the same level of craftsmanship and recently launched a new concept for jumping and dressage saddles. Its high end bridles, girths, high-performance pads, exquisite grooming tools and rider bags are the ultimate accessories.

Jutta Kahlbetzer, CEO and designer of the MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY brand, comments, “MAYBACH has always been synonymous with luxury in drive and movement. This passion, together with a love of horses, meant it was a logical step to progress into a new sector, where long years of know-how in working with luxury materials could be put to excellent use. The skills employed in carbon and composite materials technologies, as well as the combination of traditional and high-tech materials, create a perfect synthesis for the saddlery.”

For those interested in a MAYBACH saddle, experts measure the horse as well as the rider and it can happen anywhere in the world since they use a special portable measuring system which scans the equine back. The resulting three-dimensional image is digitalised and serves as the foundation for making a wooden saddle tree which is exactly suited to the horse‘s back. A carbon covering strengthens the slim wooden saddle tree in a patented process which ensures outstanding lightness combined with great stability.

Kahlbetzer adds, “Inside the saddle tree, there is a micro chip containing an unmistakable individual identification number. Under this number, the data of the horses back and all other related information is stored to enable a process of comparison of the development of the anatomical changes by comparing old and new measuring data. Apart from optimizing the saddle fitting, this can be a very interesting tool for riders, veterinarians, osteopaths, and breeders.”

Since all of the MAYBACH saddles are handmade, it takes up to 9-12 weeks of craftsmanship to create. The MAYBACH dressage saddles start from $11,680. The jumping saddles start from $12,980.