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Interview with Emmanuèle and Armand Perron-Pette

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A winning duo

We could recall that Armand and Emmanuèle Perron-Pette are business leaders, owners of the Stud farm Coudrettes, initiators of the unique Jumpfive concept in France, members of the JOC, 200% involved in the development of their sport, but this would be forgetting the essential; that they are first and above all passionate about horses. Here is a duo which between professionalism, excellence and sponsorship always plays the game, and soon The Games…. Latest project in motion: the creation of a company associated with a prestigious bank in order to establish a financial holding for jumping horses called “Jump Invest”. The goal: to allow individuals who do not wish to dash into the adventure of managing and controlling a stable by themselves to be able to, through their investment, live this experience in exclusive partnership with Jumpfive. Stay tuned….


What does it mean “to increase the space of owners in jumping”?

It means acknowledging that the owner is a center piece of the chessboard, an integral part of the success, or not, of a team and as such deserves a particular attention.

This approach has since long been acquired by the racing world. Ranging from the way in which owners are informed about the evolution of their horse in the training to the way they are welcomed and expected at events; the model is exemplary.

What are the values being represented at the heart of the Jumping Owners Club?

The first and most important value is indisputably the search for the absolute wellbeing of our horses. It is up to us to remain attentive that the regulations, in place at top level events of the professional circuit, such as the welcoming conditions (footing, boxes, security…) have the comfort and respect for our horses who constantly travel all across the world as a primary objective.

What are the changes or steps forward that the JOC has taken part in?

First of all, the JOC allowed for a meeting of owners coming from all over the world. We created friendly bonds with people who share our passion and whom we could have come across on multiple occasions at CSI events without greeting one other. The JOC permitted for the status as owner to finally be recognized by the federal authorities. Our opinion is regularly, if not to say constantly, being sought at important exchanges concerning the regulation of our sport. These are only opinions, but things can still evolve.

What are the links of the JOC to the FEI and the FFE?

Our president Christian Baillet was able to establish reliable links with the FEI and the FFE. The welcoming of owners has also improved at CSIO5* events as well as at CSI events of the Rolex and the Athina Onassis circuits. We now have to work together with the organizers of these circuits so that the access given to owners is not exclusively reduced to the stables and to make it possible for us to follow our horses to the arena in a respectable manner, at least with the same rights than our riders, without the obligation to purchase a VIP table.

What points for improvement are you working on as member to increase the popularity of jumping on a national and worldwide scale? Is the visibility of jumping inseparable from digital communication? What is the position of the JOC towards these new communications modes?

We try to keep our HDC Facebook page alive in the most sincere way and we also created Facebook pages in the name of our horses active on the CSI5* circuit.

We furthermore try to encourage sport journalists of the general press to get to know our sport by inviting and welcoming them to certain events when they are accessible.

Our sport has the uniqueness that it associates an athlete to the degree of connivance that he manages to establish with a living being whose affective potential is absolutely extraordinary. Thus, when our mare SILVANA* HDC took her sport retreat we wanted to associate the public to this emotional moment. This also became the occasion to present the entire HDC/JUMPFIVE team, who work in the shadows all year around in order to enable riders to take part at the biggest CSI5* of the world each weekend.

Thanks to the willingness of our president and the talent of Magali, the JOC has rapidly evolved over the past two years to establish, thanks to digital, a link between its members and create an effective communication tool towards the representative authorities of our sport.

What has fundamentally changed with regards to the owner status over the past 10 years? Is money now king at the cost of sportive values?

The strong arrival and rapid increase of private circuits such as the Global Champions Tour, the Grand Slam or the Athina Onassis Horse Show have entirely changed the face of our sport. First of all the number of CSI5* events proposed yearly has exploded. There is not one weekend in the year without a CSI5*. Certain weekends two CSI are even in competition.

Obviously we have to be delighted! Riders who have access to these events are nowadays truly able to practice their job under optimal conditions.

The difficulty essentially lies in the quality of the stable that a rider needs today in order to remain in or access the top 30, the access key to these events. A rider must be able to participate at an event of this circuit on a regular basis, if not to say every weekend, in order to maintain himself in the top 30. To be able to do so he needs at least 3 Grand Prix horses in his stable.

Formerly, a rider who was equipped with one very good horse could claim to participate more or less occasionally at a few Grand Prix competitions of this level. Nowadays this seems difficult unless a sponsor is found who is willing to finance the participation of his rider under the quota of “invited” at events in order to be able to gain precious Ranking points.

The status of owner has evolved simultaneously to the one of a rider in an environment which has undergone a real mutation. More than being an owner of horses, he becomes the full sponsor of his rider.

The values of the sport have in themselves not changed. It still takes a lot of talent and hard work for a rider to reach the Grail.

What advice would you give to future investors of top level horses?

Investing into sport horses goes beyond the financial character, entering a world of enthusiasts. It is especially necessary, as in any operation, to chose your partners well (rider, coach, veterinary, blacksmith…) This is the key to success; the quality of the people you will link yourself to. You also need to remain lucid. You are investing into a living being, the risks are tenfold but so are the moments of great happiness.