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Redefining Global Chic



Adi Kissilevich’s Bags Take Off

Israeli young fashion designer, Adi Kissilevich undertook the creation of high-end bags when she moved from Guatemala to Italy and later on to Israel. From the age of twenty-eight this young woman has combined style and her lifelong passion, equitation. Her designs, which mix subtlety, love of detail and personal touch, are mainly exported to Europe and the United States.

Abi has created a global brand which has a universal appeal for the chic woman whether she’s at a soiree in Paris with the fringe and bit Bubble Bag, a fundraiser in the Hamptons toting the Python Lavender Bag, or a business trip to Hong Kong accessorizing the Leather Cowhide Belt. The equestrian element gives the line a unique connection to horses and fine leather and craftsmanship or should we say craftswomanship. With a desire to express individual style and the thrill of discovering new designers, the modern woman will appreciate this classic line. Equestrio had a chance to find out the inspiration for this designer.

Where are you from and what was your childhood like?

I was born in Israel. When I was a year and a half, I moved to Guatemala, Central America. I lived there for seventeen years and I learned the secrets of craftsmanship. I started riding very young, around the age of five or six, and I’ve always loved fashion in general. In the world of riding, I discovered the manual labor and the wonders of leather. I found fascinating craftsmen with the ability to create something out of nothing with a range of techniques. At seventeen, I decided to go to Milan, Italy, to start my Fashion and Design studies.

How and why did you decide to design your own creations?

Within my journeys in Guatemala and Italy, I always designed for myself various accessories and clothing, mostly combined with equestrian elements or Guatemalan hand-made textiles. One day, I wanted to do something special I would have done myself and that would be more than a simple idea that crossed my mind. I then created my first bag- The Snaffle Bag. People often ask me: « Where did you buy this handbag? Is this the new Gucci collection?” After this episode, I returned to my home in Tel Aviv and started to design more handbags all with the equestrian concept. I was both surprised and happy because people really loved them. When you create something, you like it because it’s yours, but when the people around you tell you they love it too, then you can say it might lead to something.

According to you, what makes your bags unique creations?

For me, the details make it all. I give a big emphasis on the details because I think it’s what makes my designs even more special and with a thought behind. I love placing colorful leather on the inside of the pockets, a special key holder inside the handbag, hidden pockets on the sides, detachable straps making the products even more versatile. The leather is imported from Italy and I love also to use different type of hides, such as cowhide, hand-woven, or very soft sauvage leathers. Apart from the details, the horse bit elements in each bag are tailor-made especially for my designs, making each handbag even more unique with its thoughtful details, tailor-made horse bits and high-quality Italian leather.