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Retrouvé- The Modern Fountain Of Youth


“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

In the American culture where beauty is associated with fleeting youth, the notion of aging gracefully can be an oxymoron. Luckily, Jami Heidegger with her luxury skin care line Retrouvé gives women… and men a bit of the fountain of youth. However, fully grounded and wise with experience, she extols the virtues of always being your authentic self and embracing the innate beauty that “is” at any age. As she says, “You’ll never be as young as you are now. Most of us focus on insecurities and perceived flaws instead of appreciating what gifts we do have. Retrouvé cultivates what is wonderful and unique to all of us and taking care of these strengths.” From helping to develop products in her family business, the highly successful Kiehl’s empire sold in 2000, to her new line started purely for her own use, Heidegger knows there’s always something new to learn.

Jami was also her own best advertisement, as from Los Angeles to Europe friends would compliment her skin and want to know what products she was using.

As a Western rider in her youth and now a mother of two daughters on the hunter/jumper circuit with a barn in Malibu where Will Simpson is their trainer, Jami is also well aware of the elements equestrians face daily. She tried out the product at the HITS horse show pop up spa in Palm Springs where it was enthusiastically embraced.

Part of Retrouvé (in essence rediscovering), is not only being preventative and deeply nourishing but also restorative. As she was designing the creams purely for herself without a price point restriction, she took the approach that she only wanted the highest concentration of the best ingredients and new technologies. After sharing with friends and family for 11 years, her husband suggested that they market the product; however, Retrouvé will not be mass marketed, partly due to her desire to safeguard the integrity of the product. Even the black bottle protects against oxidation as well as creating appealing unisex packaging.

Heidegger, well versed in science as well as beauty, has worked with her chemist Stephen Musumeci for almost 30 years both at Kiehl’s and at Retrouvé, developing a shared language. “Steve and I have a wonderful rapport,” she explains. “He knows exactly what my adjectives mean such as when I say I want it ‘gookier.’”

While she lives in the land of plastic surgery, Heidegger doesn’t stand in judgement but personally adheres to a holistic approach. She says, “At 50, I got to a point of what do I like about myself more than what do I not like about myself. I got more indulgent in ritualizing my care. I want to take care of what I do have and model that appreciation for my children. I’m still an advocate of exercise – but even if I had the energy, I wouldn’t want to spend countless hours jumping up and down just to be in a smaller pair of jeans. I have other things to do with precious time.”

And that ultimately is the best example of aging gracefully.

Retrouvé products include: Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, Nutrient Face Serum, Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream, and Revitalizing Eye Concentrate. In keeping with Jami’s philosophy Retrouvé does not contain dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, silicons, petrolateums or mineral oils. Retrouvé is not tested on animals.

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