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Tacante brings horse and rider closer. Nothing less!



Like many happy stories, Tacante is first and foremost a story of encounters and relationships weaved over time. It is a story of Men and Horses. A story of passionate riders, who each day build on their equestrian legacy. It is also bringing together humans who love nature and offers innovative and eco-friendly textiles and materials. Lastly and more importantly it is the meeting of both universes acting as a driving force behind our bold and responsible approach for the horse and the rider to benefit from the best textile innovations. Its whole approach is driven by this mission: develop this invisible connection that exists between horse and human! Nurture that silent and precious exchange so that it grows day after day into an atmosphere of trust, respect and a pleasure to share!

Develop sustainable products for responsible riders is its assignment

Innovate to grow that connection while at the same time respect the environment. Through innovation Tacante brings more comfort to the horse, more comfort to the rider to get him closer to its mount to streamline understanding and enhance sensations! And through its social and community engagements, the brand becomes a sustainable development pioneer in the equestrian equipment sector.

Tacante have focussed on redesigning the saddle-pad, both its composition and design but also the manufacturing method. Designed and manufactured in France, Tacante saddle-pad is breathable, resistant and recyclable. Due to its flexibility properties, it can be machine washed at 40° and dries rapidly. Tacante inaugural saddle-pad range will be followed by a complete equestrian range developed with the same sustainable and innovative approach.

Tacante saddle-pads are available on in Golden yellow, Royal blue, Emerald green and Bloodstock red.