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The Brooke From Africa To Manhattan – A Special Reception


Text by Heather Buchanan

Photos by Loris de Oliveira

The historic New York Yacht Club was the setting for the special cocktail reception for The Brooke USA on Sept. 28th.   Colette and Daniel Bennett hosted the event with Dr. David Jones Chairman of the Board of Brooke USA and Board Members Jim Wolf and Marcia Kulak greeting the guests.

Dr. Mactar Seck the Animal Welfare Officer from Brooke West Africa was fresh from the field.   He speaks five languages not including horse whispering. He stressed that the Brooke’s work not only helps the working animals of the world but the 600 million families which depend upon them for survival.

These animals carry food, water, families, tourists, building materials, crops, merchandise, medicine and many other goods over unforgiving terrain, in unrelenting heat and bitter cold, through filth, beatings, and hordes of flies, with inadequate food, water, rest, or veterinary care, just to earn a meager daily income for their owners.  Consequently the welfare of these busy animals and their ability (or inability) to work directly impacts the lives of the owners and their families.

Emily Dulin, Executive Director of Brooke USA was also on hand with news that the special initiative “Buy A Donkey A Drink” has raised the funds for four of the five permanent troughs. The goal of the campaign is to reduce instances of equine mortality due to lack of access to water by building troughs to serve 13,500 equines in Ethiopia.

Equestrio’s publisher Alicia Heiniger also shared her support of the Brooke as it reflects her own love of animals and connection to horses. Equestrio has been proud to support the important work of The Brooke and open others’ hearts to its mission.