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When Horse & Travel created the Travel Bag


As always, when we’ve spotted a great find, we rush to tell you about it. This time, we’ve decided to introduce you to the bag that is going to revolutionize travel to equestrian competitions: the Travel Bag by Horse & Travel.

The travel bag was designed to carry all the equipment when on the road with a horse. Brilliantly conceptualized to contain saddle, girth, bridle, gaiters, bandages, blankets along with the rider’s equipment, it is delivered on a flexible and removable trolley that serves to roll the bag and can also be used to transport bales of hay or water buckets!

Inspired by dive bags, the holdall is made from tarpaulin, a waterproof, easily washable canvas, and comes in seven different colors. To complete the range, Horse & Travel have also developed a grooming backpack and bandaging bag, all driven by the practical aim of facilitating transport and the use of equipment.

We look forward to following the development and the new products rolled out by this brand that is clearly determined to simplify the lives of grooms and riders alike!