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About Us

Welcome to Equestrio – the only global, high-quality, luxury lifestyle magazine and multimedia platform focusing on the exceptional world of horses and the people who love them.

It was Equestrio’s exclusive access, unique feature stories and stunning photography that changed the face of equestrian publishing when the magazine first launched in Switzerland in 2003. With front-row seats to the world’s greatest racing, showjumping and polo events Equestrio quickly became a beacon of insight into the lifestyle surrounding all forms of equestrian sports. The magazine title won instant praise both at home and abroad.

Throughout the years well-known journalists and photographers have shared stories on personalities, culture, travel, art, fashion, sport, and philanthropy, always in connection with the equestrian world.

The magazine is currently available in two editions covering three continents – Europe & America and Arabia and is considered a treasured collectible gracing some of the most elegant coffee tables in the world.

While Equestrio will continue to print its magazine in a larger collectible format, as a team we’ve taken the exciting challenge to move beyond print and toward the creation a veritable community of horse-loving enthusiasts who can share and exchange around their common passion.

As we endeavor to reveal the world through an equestrian lens, we hope to surprise and delight you with our plans for the future.

Enjoy your visit!

Alicia Heiniger