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Just as horses have a transformative power over people, Dorte Tuladhar’s art has a transformative power over horses. Her work has an almost ethereal quality which suggests the spirit of the animal exudes far beyond its physical boundaries.

Tuladhar’s internationally acclaimed equine photography springs from her strong dedication and passion for horses. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tuladhar enjoys riding in her native country between traveling the globe to capture images shown in highly prestigious international magazines where she collaborates with luxury equestrian brands. In her travels she has captured not only stunning images of horses but of the beautiful locations they inhabit.

Dorte comments, “Ever since I was a kid I have been with horses and still ride regularly. Being with horses gives me a true calmness and inner peace and fulfills me with renewed energy.   Horses represent absolute freedom. Many of my journeys have allowed me to experience this in different countries such as Mexico, Ireland, Dubai, and Shanghai just to mentioned a few.”

Dorte has certainly found her groove and plans to stay in it. “Many people are amazed by my relatively narrow focus on equestrian photography – both lifestyle and more artistic,” she says, “But it is here where my energy, motivation and passion lies which automatically leads to really good results.”

So what is next for this prolific artist? “I am currently working on two exhibitions – one in Bahrain later this year on Bahraini Horses and an exhibition on polo horses near Beijing,” she says, “And between I also have a project with the very special legendary breed, the Akhal-Teke horses.” Magic moments yet to come.


Dorte Tuladhar