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Luis Fabini



For more than a decade, I have been photographing the extraordinary force of life that men and horses must deploy in order to sustain themselves. The mystique of cowboys remained an enigma for me, and I committed myself to capturing their vanishing way of life. Starting with the Gauchos in Uruguay, I set out to photograph the different kinds of vaquero to be found all over the American continent. The lure of town to make more money, live more comfortably and to provide better for their families is strong. It isn’t the greatest pay in the world, but a cowboy absolutely loves his work and lifestyle.

Born in Uruguay in 1965, Luis Fabini’s interest in photography was ignited by his father who put a camera in his hands at age seven before the two embarked on a memorable road trip across the Andes. He is a self-taught photographer, who began his professional journey as a trekking guide and a travel photographer in South America. In 2003, Fabini started his current body of work, ‘American Cowboys’, with a personal journey back to his roots in Uruguay that expanded into a profound look at a vanishing culture spanning all the Americas, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego.  In 2012, his book Gauchos was published, and in late 2015, American Cowboys is to be released by Greystone Publishers, of Canada.


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