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Shelli Breidenbach


To me, every horse that I have ever photographed is perfect and unique. Not unlike photographing people, the most difficult aspect of photographing horses is getting them to trust you, followed by the more difficult task of getting them to reveal who they are. Some will never show you, but if you are patient, they may offer you tiny snippets. Others are quite proud of who and what they are, and are happy to share instantly. Either way, it is always a privilege to work with them, one that I will never take for granted.   It seems they give us more than we can ever give them.

Award winning photographer Shelli Breidenbach is celebrated worldwide for her photographs. Her statuesque and commanding equestrian images reflect the aesthetic beauty, grace and strength that each horse possesses.

Breidenbach’s radiant life-size portrait collection blends full-body images with close-up, abstract body parts. She theatrically poses her subjects against black, white and brilliantly colored canvas backgrounds. While shooting, she is able to develop a relationship with the horse, a skill that very few photographers have been able to achieve. It is this intimacy that allows her to reach an entirely different level of beauty and artistry.

Despite her extremely rigorous shooting schedule, Breidenbach is passionate about helping charities through her art. She has contributed her photography and time to the Panther Ridge Sanctuary, the Equestrian Aid Foundation, the ASPCA, and the Robin Hood Foundation.

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